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6 Board Members for Charities Should Know Legal Responsibilities By Beth Short
7 Sometimes People Just Gotta Go to Jail By Marc Dann
8 Enhance Your Law Firm Website with HTTPS for Security By Kathleen M. Dugan
9 Can President Trump Use the National Emergency Act to Fund a Border Wall By Patrick J. Perotti
10 H.B. 228 & Self-Defense: Easier to Shoot or Proper to Defend? By Madelyn J. Grant
11 Sender Policy Framework By Michael Zinn
12 Mary Catherine Barrett Attorney of the Month
16 Medical Marijuana Now Available in Ohio By By Julia R. Baxter and Kevin Gri th
18 From Wait in Mexico to Remain in Mexico:  e Trump Administration’s Evolving Immigration Policies at the Southern Border By Maya Lugasy
19 Rule 67 Not a Mechanism for Picking O  Named Plainti s in a Rule 23 Class Action By Jonathan Stender
20 Talk on the Town
Data and Electronic Forensic Investigations
Evidence is like gold – it can make or break a case. And like gold, evidence can be difficult to discover. It takes a little digging. Predictive coding in electronic evidence is like looking for gold without digging – it’s the obvious evidence.
Data and Electronic Forensic Investigations go beyond the obvious – it requires digging.
 Data Acquisition and Authentication
 Acquired Data Processing
 Data and Device Examination
 Evidence Analysis and Reporting
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