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Elemental Integrity
Meet Mack H. Reed, Partner at MADEL PA, where he and a cad- re of celebrated trial lawyers are united in their belief that getting justice requires more than mastery of the law. It requires the audacity to think di erently, the courage to speak boldly and the determi- nation to always do the right thing. Integrity is elemental at MADEL PA, and because of it, Reed and his colleagues are creating results that far surpass those who would give way to compromise.
A er earning his master’s degree in human- ities from the University of Chicago, Reed ar- rived at a crossroads. He found the domain of scholarship too removed from the real world to be truly ful lling, and he began exploring a path of greater purpose. In between delivering pizzas in downtown Chicago, he  lled out ap- plications to law school. Several accepted, and he chose the University of Pennsylvania Law School, a premier institution that would keep him close to family in Philadelphia.
Upon graduation, Reed migrated back to Chicago, and had the good fortune to join

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