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Brandon E. Vaughn
Equality and Justice for Everyone
For Brandon E. Vaughn, a career in law seemed predestined. A Chicago native whose father is a lawyer, Vaughn says he grew up with a strong sense of equality and justice for everyone. His call to advocacy was evident in his early participation in stu-
dent government and his tendency to take up the cause “I was the kid that read the student of the underdog. code of conduct in school and
“I was the kid that read the student code of conduct challenged teachers for not fairly and in school and challenged teachers for not fairly and eq-
uitably disciplining students,” he said. “I always had that equitably disciplining students.”
sense of being an advocate for people who may not have
a voice. Ultimately, I knew I’d go to law school.”
While earning his law degree at the University of Wisconsin Law
School, Vaughn spent two summers at Robins Kaplan LLP, where he gained experience in the areas of individual and mass torts, and medi-
cal negligence. He joined Robins a er law school, and today, he is a principal with a ro- bust medical malpractice and personal injury practice.
“My path to representing injured folks is something I’m passionate about. I feel I’ve been able to make a di erence in the world, with a focus on touching individual lives.”
Vaughn frequently represents clients who are experiencing unimag- inable crises arising from catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, sometimes as the result of negligence by medical or assisted living fa- cilities. His compassionate demeanor and zeal for justice distinguish his practice and impel him to  ght for injured people.
“My focus is on giving someone who has been harmed access to justice and the opportunity to be compensated for their injuries. More speci cally, I want to be not just a lawyer, but a counselor for my cli- ents in a time of loss. When bad things happen, I want them to know that they have a zealous advocate who is willing to hold the wrongdoer accountable.”
Vaughn is a bold voice for social issues, recognizing that many of the concerns he  ghts for have implications far beyond the interests of a single client. He is currently representing the family of a young woman who committed suicide as a result of hazing by a college sorority.

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